The I Ching or Book of Wisdom say that change is eternal and provides a logical method by which to analyze cycles of change.

This method is illustrated by the Bagua symbol. The Universe is in a continuous state of flux, and our situation in life is never static.

Almost all aspects of Feng Shui related principles and symbolisms, the concept of balance and harmony, the interaction of yin and yang, the positive and the negative are derived by the eight trigrams of the I Ching.

The eight trigrams form an eight sided shape known as Bagua.

Each trigram contains unique properties and characteristics.

Each trigram is associated with a family member, rules different parties of the body, represents direction, element, number, colour and have a distinct kind of energy.

In the Bagua map the south is placed at the top and the north at the bottom.

Why Bagua symbol is useful ?

Find the benefits for your house or office

The analysis resulting from the bagua superimposition over structures such as houses, rooms, gardens and offices will reveal much about the positive or negative qualities of your environment.

The 8 locations method of feng shui focuses on the interior of your house and helps you locate and arrange your furniture in your bedroom, your living room, kitchen and all important areas.

In doing so, you create the most vibrant Chi in the home. Your interior space is full of positive and healthy energy.

This method apply also for the office, here we choose the best locations for business and career luck.

The 8 life aspirations is a very useful method of enhancing various life situations.

Each side of the bagua map represents one important life situation.

By activating or enhancing the particular direction or sector represented by one of the trigram with sound, lights, movement, you are able to focus on a particular area of your life which represents something you want like wealth, fame, love and so forth.

For you

Bagua is also used to determine your trigram, your personal Kua number based on your chinese horoscope. It's your own unique life force.

Using the 9 stars method or Kua number formula, you will discover your lucky and unlucky directions.

With this very useful information in hand, you can determine the correct directions to face to bring different kinds of good luck no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Based on the five elements theory, your personal trigram will show you how you interact with other people, what degree of compatibility you have with them.

These 3 methods are very user friendly and effective. They are part of the compass school, so to practice this kind of feng shui school, you must carry a good compass with you.

Let's discover the Feng Shui Trigrams.

Have Fun reading.

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