Feng Shui In The Home- Compass Reading

Taking a direction is one of the most important step that must be learned before any Feng Shui can be done.

Why? In Classical Feng Shui Compass school, the direction of the building serves as the reference point for all the calculations.

The 8 Mansions, house kua or house gua method is based on the sitting direction of the house. Therefore, the accuracy of your reading is very important.

The Chinese use a Feng Shui compass called Lo Pan or Lou Pan to determine the sitting of a property but a good western compass can be used.

Taking Compass direction step by step

Remove all your jewelry and any metal before taking a compass reading.

Find the facing direction of your house, apartment or office. It is not necessarily the facing of the main door.The facing direction is where you find the most yang energy. It can be:

  • the front door
  • the main road.
  • the most unencumbered view.
  • the parking lot.
  • mountain view.
  • ocean or lake view.

Assess the whole situation , use your Feng shui eye. An incorrect reading will give the wrong house trigram.

Yang side

For a residence

Stand in the center of the facing of the building, with your back to the structure, and looking out.

Hold your compass at waist level. Wait for the needle to settle.

Rotate the compass so that it's arrow is lined up with 0 degrees.

Read the compass grade at the index line.

Note the exact degrees that the house faces within a 15 degrees range.

Once you have established the facing direction, you automatically have the sitting of the structure. This is the direction that is 180 degrees opposite the facing direction.

For a business

Follow the same instructions as for a residence. If the ofice is located in a building, follow the same instructions as for an apartment

For an apartment

When taking compass reading for an apartment, it is important to take into account the main entrance of the apartment building and the entrance door of your own apartment. Take compass reading for both entrances. If you have to choose, i will recommend the facing direction of the main entrance of the building.

Now that you have determined the compass grade, consult the following table to determine which trigram your home belongs to.

east group houses
East Group

west group houses
West Group

For example if the index line of your compass indicate 178° South, your home is sitting North and belong to the East group.

If the index line indicate 120° East, your property is sitting West and belong to the West group.

This Feng shui formula of the Compass school don't take in account the time dimension, the Flying stars.

Once you have the facing and Sitting direction of the property, you are now ready to assess the Energy CHI map of your living space.

Feng shui Tips:

  • The first Feng shui compass reading should be taken at the front door or main road etc..
  • For the second compass reading take five feet or 152.5 cm forward from the main door or road and take a reading, the third reading five feet backward.
  • If the compass reading of each reading does not exceed 15 degrees compass, the reading is reliable.
  • If the reading exceeds 15 degrees compass bearing for any of the 3 readings then the compass reading is not reliable. Repeat the procedure and check if there is any metal or electronic items near you.

If you want to purchase a very good compass at an affordable price, these are the products i recommend. They are accurate and reliable.

Remember, each property have a different orientation and you need to be able to identify these directions.

All the evaluation start from here. It is a crucial step. So please use the right instruments

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